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Who are we?

The Perryfields Outreach Team  provides preventative behaviour support to the 111  primary, first and middle schools in South Worcestershire. We deliver tailored programmes of support to our mainstream schools to promote positive behaviour management strategies and champion inclusive practice.

We are a team of  experienced behaviour consultants with a track record of re-engaging permanently excluded and at risk learners. Each year we work with 300 – 400 pupils in their mainstream settings.


Our aims:

  • To offer free targeted support aimed at staff who are supporting specific pupils with SEN.
  • To improve outcomes for children and young people with SEN and disabilities to enable them to remain in mainstream education, where appropriate.
  • To help our mainstream colleagues to maximise the educational opportunities for all pupils.
  • To help to build the capacity and confidence to meet the needs of all children and young people.


Some examples of what we do:

  • In class observations of individual pupils and the development of effective support plans.
  • Participation in multi-agency meetings and support for the EHCP assessment process.
  • Individual and small group support sessions around areas such as anger management, social skills, dealing with anxiety and building self-esteem.
  • Intensive 1:1 support for pupils at risk of exclusion.
  • Focussed lesson observations and the sharing of effective classroom management strategies.
  • Providing suggestions for developing effective whole class behaviour management practice
  • SENCO support and strategic advice for managing pupils with complex additional needs.



Preventative outreach intervention  is provided free of charge to pupils in Key Stages 1 and 2 in mainstream schools across South Worcestershire. Cases are prioritised according to need and capacity.


How to refer:

  • Support is accessed by referral for individual or group intervention.
  • Contact Perryfields Primary PRU or your Behaviour Consultant  to discuss needs.
  • Complete a referral form, behaviour checklist . (see links above),and a parental consent form, and return to your consultant.
  • Once this paperwork has been received, your consultant will contact you via email or phone to plan the support.


“The outreach team provide excellent teaching and support to pupils in their mainstream schools and this has resulted in a marked fall in the number of permanent exclusions.”

(Ofsted, December 2014)


“Brilliant support for both the student and the staff. Really helpful suggestions and strategies. The support has been invaluable and is received very positively by the pupil”

“The support given this term has been extremely useful and helped not only myself as SENCO, but also other members of staff and the Senior Leadership Team. With recent changes to the Local Authority services, I personally feel your behaviour support team is a strong and reliable service which I am very happy we can access for support and advice.”

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Outreach office (Answerphone):  01905 427011